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"Keeps the whole class in fear!" A student with difficult behavior - how to establish contact with him The behavior of a teenager can be a serious hindrance to the realization of his potential. In this case, the teacher needs to find the right approach so that the student opens up and is ready to discuss their problems. Find out how best to prepare for a conversation with a teenager about his behavior. Teachers often have to deal with "difficult" behavior from students. Most often, this depends on the unfavorable situation in the family: scandals, overprotection, indifference, etc. As a result, the teenager becomes embittered, distrustful, cynical. All this affects the educational process. The student may begin to behave rudely with teachers and peers, or stop attending classes altogether. You need to talk to the child and find out the reasons for this behavior. If it's about learning then using to help him. Thus, you can establish contact with the child and perhaps his behavior will change. Due to the lack of support from the child's family and the lack of specialists in educational institutions, educators often find themselves in a difficult position when talking with students about the problems that arise as a result of their behavior deviating from social norms. It's because they don't know how to speak. First you need to listen to their problems, and you need to be able to do this. Having heard a problem related to learning, you need to use to solve it. So you can not only listen to the child but also help him in learning. With the help of you will be able to conduct a conversation with a student in an environmentally friendly way, taking care of both his and your emotional state. Since learning assistance is important and this will contribute to the good development of a good emotional state. Determine if the teenager's behavior is dangerous for you and his environment "Difficult" behavior can be different. It can manifest itself in the form of absenteeism and refusal to do homework, or it can lead to a real threat to life. If -a teenager is characterized by aggressive behavior and frequent fights, then you should first protect yourself. You should not start a conversation if he is emotionally aroused. You have to wait for the right moment to talk. Make sure you're ready to talk Ask yourself: “Am I ready to enter into a conversation now?”, “What is my current state?”, “Am I able to think clearly and rationally now?” If you are feeling anxious or not feeling well, take a few minutes to calm down. Remember, in order to help someone, you must first help yourself.

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